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Yeah, I have no excuse and any court in the land would convict me of being hypocritical liek whoa but when you start daydreaming about what the next update might be like, imagine horrifying, sticky ends for the writers (who are dead, in comas, or abducted by aliens, obviously) then you know you've got it bad for a fic.

I won't mention all the fics I'm currently hung up on (I'd be here all day) but just the ones I either want like burning or are from authors who seem to have fallen off the edge of the interwebs.

Blood by Artemis Luna Diana. Harry Potter. I think this fic got me into time travel fic. And vampire fic (for however long that lasted). Despite the clichés, I think this started a lot of them in the fandom, or at least got to the party earlier than most. No noise since 2004 from either fic or author and this makes me sad. The next chapter would have been a major plot turning point too. ;_;

Gemini by SilverLily AKA Blood Moon. Yu Gi Oh. It's cheesy and dormant since early 2004 but ho boy, nostalgia trip. Still one of the sweetest Puzzleshipping stories online and I have a soft spot for it the size of a pyramid.

History of Magic by Lizeth. Harry Potter / Yu Gi Oh crossover. With intricate parallel plotlines and the golden trio running around trying to figure out what the deal is with that spikey haired and mildly awesome history teacher. The best part of the mystery is I already know but I'm just waiting for the HP cast to get clued in. UNF for Puzzleshipping seen through my slashy goggles. No update since 2004.

One Whole Star by Amazom Ziti. Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Harry Potter crossover. Updated 2006. A short, sweet story which deals well with a young Harry's abuse and neglect- by making the recovery more painful to read than most stories dealing with the Hurt part of Comfort. It hits the nail with a lot of the reactions for me and is believable considering Harry's age. Willow is OOC for me but we never see her dealing with young abuse victims in canon, so...

Relative Truth by Becky Tailweaver. Detective Conan. Not updated since 2003, I've been avoiding a re-read because it is physically painful. I'm a sucker for good family fics with amazing characterisation while avoiding shmoop... it still manages to make my toes curl though. Yeah.

The Wizard of Gotham by Skysaber. Batman / Harry Potter crossover. Read this story before it stopped updating (oh my god, I feel so oooold) which was back in 2007 and the pangs to read more have recently come back with my latest DC verse revival. Also Batman is wrong, wrong, wrong for once in his life and this make me lol. I want a Batman/Ivy custody court battle. I may implode if I don't get one.

Unicorn Child by Felinity. Harry Potter. Another one of my first fics and major nostalgia trips from 2004. Also the one that jukeboxhound won't let me live down. Harry gets raised by unicorns, makes magical forest friends and is kidnapped by dastardly wizards who want him to be a boy instead of a unicorn. (oh the humanity!)

Does anyone have any long hiatus fics they are dying to read more of? I may do a post later specifically for authors who have disappeared and/or deleted all their fics...


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Feb. 18th, 2012 09:10 pm (UTC)
So I heard you're into time traveling fic? (if you can't tell, I'm trying to imply that you should TOTALLY watch Doctor Who. Because I know you'd love it. Also, you live in the UK where it's more popular and probably more accessible, for chrissakes!)
Mar. 29th, 2012 04:58 pm (UTC)
Huh, didn't get an email for this comment so I missed it, sorry (wouldn't have even spotted it now if I wasn't scrolling through my own journal *FOREVER ALONE*). ^^;;

I will have to watch DW at some point, if only so I can fully appreciate SuperWho. Won't watch every series but the new ones should be enough, right?

It will be nice to have another thing to fangirl over (and crossover, naturally). >:)
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