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Why can't I find any Narnia/Captain America crossovers out there? I mean, okay, they're set in different countries even if at the EXACT SAME time (WWII for LtWatW, subsequent books also during or not long after) however, Steve did spend a lot of time in Europe and Movie!verse Susan did go to America so interaction between the characters (never mind the long distance impact they could have on one-another) is plausible. Also there could be epic bonding over premature leadership positions.

Hell, I'd love to see Susan take charge of a situation that the green rookie CM doesn't know how to handle, probably something that involves more experience than brute strength: crowd control, organising resources, complicated battle logistics, guerilla warfare against an enemy force far superior to your own because Susan is an archer and by Aslan, archers know how to do the most damage to the enemy while taking no hits themselves.

No pairings, just awesome character interaction with Steve floundering as he goes in way over his head and Susan all 'uhuh, I ruled over a scarily diverse nation for over a decade, let the experts handle this, 'kaythx.' Don't tell me that Lucy took over the running of the kingdom when the boys were off playing war with the giants. I will laugh.

It always rankled me that C.S.Lewis got rid of Susan for no reason, except that he wanted seven rulers instead of eight at the Last Battle and Susan fit an Eve caricature well enough for him to demonise. Plus, Lucy is Aslan's favourite, Peter the golden boy and well, Edmund's too obvious and everyone loves a reformed man. Susan was the only choice really and besides, she was already written off as the serious one. Growing up too fast in a time of war, probably a lot of pressure on her from all sides (young girls had more pressure to participate in Home Front activities than boys so for all of Peter's efforts with the family, Susasn was looking after the clan and helping with the war effort) and actually cared more about the lives of her siblings than complete strangers *le gasp* how dare she! No, Lewis. If you're going to shove one of your characters out of the picture, you'd better give a damn good reason for it and as much as that big furball represents God for you, I know it's just as much his fault as it is hers. More so since, you know, he's a cosmic being and she is a (relatively) young woman.

I want to see fic where Susan's siblings choose her over Narnia or stand up to Aslan and tell him 'not cool bro, we're a set, Take all of us or none of us'. Shutting Susan out because she 'lost faith' always irritated me because we never saw Aslan or anyone else try to help her find her way back. Edmund gets a Jesus-style sacrifice in his name but Susan? Barely a footnote: "My sister Susan... is no longer a friend of Narnia". Urg! No! Just because she chose not to pine, because it was too painful to remember, because she was told she could never come back does not makes her a traitor. "Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia" - Unless you're a woman. Because girls don't get second chances. Aslan forbid your loyalty wavers if you've got a uterus.

So yeah, if anyone can point me in the direction of some well written Narnia AU focusing on Susan/the quartet. Hopefully very AU if Susan gets to stay with the rest of them in the club.

I think I might sell my soul to get a Narnia/Captain America story. Or a feminist, non-racist reboot of the Narnia series.


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Feb. 14th, 2012 12:11 am (UTC)
Hell yes. You make me want to print t-shirts or bumper stickers that say "Leave Susan Alone!"
Feb. 14th, 2012 01:40 am (UTC)
>:3 Glad my rantyrantrant struck a cord.

I am trying very hard not to plot a modern day LtWatW right now. I always hated that Susan never got to really fight in the books but had to sit back while her little traumatised brother went to war instead. Now I have images of a Susan who's not only an archery champion but a chemisty buff who wages explosive and chemical warefare on the icy hag who hurt her little brother.

Dammit. *goes off to plot*

(Don't you know you're not supposed to respond to my rants? It's just gets me excited and spawns, like, a million plunnies... >_>)
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