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Jack Frost, you little troll.

What. Why? It's March. There was next to no snow all Winter and now I've got hailstones the size of golf balls hitting my window. It's a literal BLIZZARD out there, I can't see anything but white swirls every way I look. Did we get all of Russia's weather dumped on our heads?

Fuck this shit, it better at least have the decency to lie until a decent time tomorrow because if there's not enough to make at least a snow puppy by the time I get up, I am going to be very displeased.


That Awful Moment...

When you realise your entire premise for the next three chapters is based on a 4-season climate instead of the 2-season climate of canon.

Major edits and note shuffling ahoy. Yay.

Avatar world, why your equator climate screwing with my Britishness?

Blinded With Science

Zombie Rec List

As usual, mostly crossovers. I'll be adding more to this as I dig and suggestions for this list, old lists and any category you'd like to see in the future are welcome.

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So, I've been collecting books on trees, herbs, nature survival/cooking and the like for a few years now. It's fascinating how many angles you can approach even just the British plant lore from. Some of these books have purely religious or historical outlooks, others concentrate on modern survival, nature and community preservation and the like. I love reading them and linking all the avenues of study (also possibly preparing for a food industry dystopia where our invaried diets of monogenetic crops take a knock when the few mass-produced breeds of crops can no longer keep up with the evolution of blight and parasites and I will have to forage for my supper in the park next door >_>).


I can't work much or any of what I've learned into the stories I am currently writing. Not even my HP/Airbender survival fic because Harry is pretty ignorant of anything that doesn't grow in an English suburban garden or get chucked in a cauldron (I wish there was more herbology in the books, rather than made up or mutated plants). I'm trying to work some stuff into the background as Harry stumbles about, but then I start thinking about how vastly different the flora could be in the Avatar world, considering that the fauna is seven shades of screwed up.


So yeah, wrote 700 words of aforementioned fic and am working it into the 1200 words of that chapter I have so far. Previous chapter needs another scene because it's too short and choppy. I really love being able to go back and edit shit I've not put online yet. *GuiltGuiltGuilt* ^^;;

Status update on A Reason to Live: I'm working on a serious overhaul. The funny thing is very little of the published story will be affected. Desperately want to rewrite the (wangsty as hell) prologue but other than that, I'm just shuffling my headcanon. I'm working on the next chapter and once that's up I'll go back and edit existing chapters. Not much change but hopefully it'll be the kick-start I need to get the ball rolling again. That being said, I'm not making any promises.

Egawds, my eyessss

I love crossovers. There is a limit however. Two and a half is my limit. Two interacting fandoms with some elements of a third. That's all I think you can handle in any given story, either writing or reading.

It's hard enough melding two verses into a fusion or having one cast meet another, why do people insist on throwing every character from every fandom they've ever encountered into a single story? All at the same time? Without explaining things properly? Some of the stuff I've read tonight might have even been good if they expanded every 500 words into 50,000. Not naming names, that's just mean.

Oh, and the encounter with so much bad fic was due to my attempts to find a particular trope: video game conventions in serious fic. Like, the protagonist is able to pause his/her progress, experience life as a series of quests and level up as a result. I've stumbled across a couple of stories which do this but they were either complete crack of not done very well (or both).

Any recs would be much appreciated. Alternatively you could ask me for fic, goodness knows I've probably read about 85% of all the fic on the internet by now. The other 15% is fandoms I'm not a part of. U_U

(Coincidentally, I think this is one of the few triple crossovers that could work. Then again, SuperWho is practically it's own fandom. Silly me.)
(No, I don't know who made this, I never bother to save the name of the artist. I am a horrible, fan art stealing person.)

OC Rec List

Self Insertion (That's What She Said)

I read self-insert/OFC/OMC fiction. Here's why:

1) They can bring a new perspective to an existing universe. Yes, this is usually a white, heterosexual, middle class perspective but I don't think this is always a bad thing (some deviation on this would be nice though), provided the canon characters don't start adopting everything the OC does/says/thinks/feels- a little cultural bleed is nice, a lot is just colonial fiction. I love to see the clash when a character with modern values (and laziness, reliance on technology, low pain threshold, etc) finds themselves in a completely foreign land. Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Inuyasha- these are all universes are chock-a-block with civil war and it's great to see OCs dealing with the moral ramifications of that (Kagome kinda counts as the outsider perspective though, I wish I could find a good rewrite of the manga- the premise was good but urg, characterisation and shipping...). Yes, OCs, the magical powers that you received on arrival to this verse are very shiny but what are you going to do with them?

2) Language barriers. I freaking love language barriers. I love how much interaction there is (and misunderstandings) when two characters have to mime and communicate with tone, music, code, etc. When the two parties start to understand one another with prolonged exposure or come up with their own bastardised half-way language in order to get things done. Characters shoved together in extremely adverse circumstances that have to learn to get along despite linguistic separation... yesssss.

3) I do like the 'oh I know this fandom inside out, I can solve all these major problems so that everyone's happy :DD' premises. I especially love when they go wrong. Not leading to character death or the end of the world, nothing like that. I just like it when the verse in question is so much more complicated when it's brought to life outside of the anime/TV series/book/whatever. Shattered fan assumptions followed by learning from their initial mistakes (and likely making any more as they continue to acclimatise to reality) FTW.

4) In many fandoms, it's difficult to find good female characters who get enough screen time and don't become nothing more than 'the romantic interest'. Unfortunately it's very hard to find gen OFC fics. And yet there's so much potential for feminist insight in an OFC fic, especially in fandoms that have so little female influence (silly FOS, fic iz for shippin). There's a Naruto fic (which I have alerted but can't find right now) where an OFC ends up in the body of a young Hinata around about the time of her failed kidnapping. It offers a lot of insight into the Hyuuga clan and it is not a lovey-dovey fic. In fact it's rather dark and (aside from the body possession thing) could be completely canon. Showing the kind of person Hinata could be (when she is a sweet yet ineffectual, vaguely stalkerish wallflower in canon) is really interesting and makes for a rather good fic in my opinion.

I'm not going to touch the Mary-Sue topic. Except to say that I'm sick of hearing that canon female charcters are MSs when their male counterparts can pull all the godmodding they like out their arses and get no flack for it. And I'm talking about female ninja, magic users and superheroes for goodness' sake. Heaven forbid that anyone with ovaries be awesome.

Going to throw together a list of good OC fics tonight. Any recs?

Not looking at the pink elephant.

I am so behind on my dissertation, it's not even funny but instead of working on that like I should be (lalala, not listening~) I've been procrastinating by reading shojou and yuri manga.


True, not all manga are like that, I rather like shoujo and josei manga on occasion, I finished reading 'Girl Friends' a few days ago which was an adorable shojouai manga with real personality and a good grasp of emotions without being omgtheangstitburnsssssss.

Just, urgg, rampant mysogyny and bad writing, I want to stab it in the face.

EDIT: I have discovered 'Code Breaker', though I'm only 4 chapters in right now. Why is it that a shonen manga has more interesting and independant women in it than those manga aimed at women?



Yeah, I have no excuse and any court in the land would convict me of being hypocritical liek whoa but when you start daydreaming about what the next update might be like, imagine horrifying, sticky ends for the writers (who are dead, in comas, or abducted by aliens, obviously) then you know you've got it bad for a fic.

I won't mention all the fics I'm currently hung up on (I'd be here all day) but just the ones I either want like burning or are from authors who seem to have fallen off the edge of the interwebs.

Blood by Artemis Luna Diana. Harry Potter. I think this fic got me into time travel fic. And vampire fic (for however long that lasted). Despite the clichés, I think this started a lot of them in the fandom, or at least got to the party earlier than most. No noise since 2004 from either fic or author and this makes me sad. The next chapter would have been a major plot turning point too. ;_;

Gemini by SilverLily AKA Blood Moon. Yu Gi Oh. It's cheesy and dormant since early 2004 but ho boy, nostalgia trip. Still one of the sweetest Puzzleshipping stories online and I have a soft spot for it the size of a pyramid.

History of Magic by Lizeth. Harry Potter / Yu Gi Oh crossover. With intricate parallel plotlines and the golden trio running around trying to figure out what the deal is with that spikey haired and mildly awesome history teacher. The best part of the mystery is I already know but I'm just waiting for the HP cast to get clued in. UNF for Puzzleshipping seen through my slashy goggles. No update since 2004.

One Whole Star by Amazom Ziti. Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Harry Potter crossover. Updated 2006. A short, sweet story which deals well with a young Harry's abuse and neglect- by making the recovery more painful to read than most stories dealing with the Hurt part of Comfort. It hits the nail with a lot of the reactions for me and is believable considering Harry's age. Willow is OOC for me but we never see her dealing with young abuse victims in canon, so...

Relative Truth by Becky Tailweaver. Detective Conan. Not updated since 2003, I've been avoiding a re-read because it is physically painful. I'm a sucker for good family fics with amazing characterisation while avoiding shmoop... it still manages to make my toes curl though. Yeah.

The Wizard of Gotham by Skysaber. Batman / Harry Potter crossover. Read this story before it stopped updating (oh my god, I feel so oooold) which was back in 2007 and the pangs to read more have recently come back with my latest DC verse revival. Also Batman is wrong, wrong, wrong for once in his life and this make me lol. I want a Batman/Ivy custody court battle. I may implode if I don't get one.

Unicorn Child by Felinity. Harry Potter. Another one of my first fics and major nostalgia trips from 2004. Also the one that jukeboxhound won't let me live down. Harry gets raised by unicorns, makes magical forest friends and is kidnapped by dastardly wizards who want him to be a boy instead of a unicorn. (oh the humanity!)

Does anyone have any long hiatus fics they are dying to read more of? I may do a post later specifically for authors who have disappeared and/or deleted all their fics...

Why can't I find any Narnia/Captain America crossovers out there? I mean, okay, they're set in different countries even if at the EXACT SAME time (WWII for LtWatW, subsequent books also during or not long after) however, Steve did spend a lot of time in Europe and Movie!verse Susan did go to America so interaction between the characters (never mind the long distance impact they could have on one-another) is plausible. Also there could be epic bonding over premature leadership positions.

Hell, I'd love to see Susan take charge of a situation that the green rookie CM doesn't know how to handle, probably something that involves more experience than brute strength: crowd control, organising resources, complicated battle logistics, guerilla warfare against an enemy force far superior to your own because Susan is an archer and by Aslan, archers know how to do the most damage to the enemy while taking no hits themselves.

No pairings, just awesome character interaction with Steve floundering as he goes in way over his head and Susan all 'uhuh, I ruled over a scarily diverse nation for over a decade, let the experts handle this, 'kaythx.' Don't tell me that Lucy took over the running of the kingdom when the boys were off playing war with the giants. I will laugh.

It always rankled me that C.S.Lewis got rid of Susan for no reason, except that he wanted seven rulers instead of eight at the Last Battle and Susan fit an Eve caricature well enough for him to demonise. Plus, Lucy is Aslan's favourite, Peter the golden boy and well, Edmund's too obvious and everyone loves a reformed man. Susan was the only choice really and besides, she was already written off as the serious one. Growing up too fast in a time of war, probably a lot of pressure on her from all sides (young girls had more pressure to participate in Home Front activities than boys so for all of Peter's efforts with the family, Susasn was looking after the clan and helping with the war effort) and actually cared more about the lives of her siblings than complete strangers *le gasp* how dare she! No, Lewis. If you're going to shove one of your characters out of the picture, you'd better give a damn good reason for it and as much as that big furball represents God for you, I know it's just as much his fault as it is hers. More so since, you know, he's a cosmic being and she is a (relatively) young woman.

I want to see fic where Susan's siblings choose her over Narnia or stand up to Aslan and tell him 'not cool bro, we're a set, Take all of us or none of us'. Shutting Susan out because she 'lost faith' always irritated me because we never saw Aslan or anyone else try to help her find her way back. Edmund gets a Jesus-style sacrifice in his name but Susan? Barely a footnote: "My sister Susan... is no longer a friend of Narnia". Urg! No! Just because she chose not to pine, because it was too painful to remember, because she was told she could never come back does not makes her a traitor. "Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia" - Unless you're a woman. Because girls don't get second chances. Aslan forbid your loyalty wavers if you've got a uterus.

So yeah, if anyone can point me in the direction of some well written Narnia AU focusing on Susan/the quartet. Hopefully very AU if Susan gets to stay with the rest of them in the club.

I think I might sell my soul to get a Narnia/Captain America story. Or a feminist, non-racist reboot of the Narnia series.